In 2014, Chef Timothy opened his first restaurant, Barrel and Ashes where he would allow customers to enjoy a fresh take on Traditional BBQ by reimagining dishes he grew up on. Timothy would only continue to build on bridging his past with his present endeavors and allow customers to feel the same sense of “togetherness” that he experienced growing up and throughout his life. This desire brought him to open Otium, a unique restaurant where he has perfectly fused the delicate elegance of fine dining with rustic simplicity and serves up his wood-fired dishes family-style. His incredible success has landed him numerous awards including the Rising Star Chef of the Year Award by the James Beard Foundation. Timothy regularly relies on his Pro 34 to create knockout dishes for LA enthusiasts day in and day out. Cooking with a Traeger and natural wood has added a uniqueness to his food that simply cannot be matched by a stove or an oven. It has allowed for him to continue to carry on the traditions he was raised on and bring his own family together to create more meaningful and flavorful experiences.

Client: Traeger Grills