“Hunting goes back to the way you approach things. You’ve gotta have a game plan.”

As all committed hunters know, the majority of the hunt is in the preparation. Selecting your gear, choosing the perfect location, waking up before dawn, posting up to patiently wait . . . Only the split-second trigger pull is the actual act of the harvest. The rest? That’s the game plan.

Fletcher Cox is all too familiar with putting time and effort into perfecting his craft and honing his execution. As a Pro Bowl defensive tackle for the Philadelphia Eagles, Cox knows that dedication and practice make for the best possible outcome.

“You game plan for your opponent in football, and you game plan for that animal you want to kill,” says Cox. SilencerCo was honored to take Fletcher out to the plains of Texas with LG Outfitters in search of nilgai. Originally brought down by the King Ranch in the 1930’s, nilgai are the largest Asian antelope and have thrived in the arid lands of the Southern United States.

See him put his game plan into action in our latest Harvested installment.

Client: SilencerCo